About Us

About Us


Our Story

Starving Artist Brewing is a small speck on the Michigan beer map.  But big things come in small packages. We are a small production only brewery committed to brewing high quality liquid and sharing it with you!  Starving Artist brews mostly traditional beer styles with a few weirdos added in there to keep it interesting.


Andrew Thomas

Starving Artist was opened by Andrew Thomas (with permission from his wife Michelle) in June of 2015 after a decade in the fine art business with their ownership of A.M. Galleries. The brewery’s name stems from this passion for the arts.  Andrew has been avid home brewer and beer geek for over 15 years.


Jerry Bromley

Mechanical wizard and scholar of suds, Jerry Bromley is our jack of all trades and master of all.  Jerry’s brewing experience far exceeds the rise of craft popularity and is only surpassed by his knowledge of beers.  From recipe development to style exploration and the Hop X Project, Jerry keeps our specialty beers coming.


Chris VanWyck

Chris VanWyck is our minister of propaganda and brewer of all things funky and out of the ordinary.  Chris is a graphic designer by trade and is the owner of Engine Creative.  We only look good because he demands it.  Our eclectic line of exotic beers are all brain children of Chris’ culinary approach to brewing.